Who we are

AIRIcerca is an association of Italian researchers which forms a networking platform for thousands of Italians that study and hold research-related jobs from around the world.


We promote scientific collaborations, exchange of professional information, and cultivate the role of scientists in popular science.

What we do

Science communication and publishing

We are passionate about science outreach; we believe in the role of scientists in public engagement and understanding of science.
Unfortunately, scientists often neglect this responsibility and leave it entirely to journalists and mass communication specialists. Often this leads to miscommunication of scientific facts, conveyed with little accuracy and turned into sensational news.
The AIRInforma project was conceived by scientists who use their scientific expertise to gather and publish scientific news and concepts, explained using simple yet accurate language.
Our editorial process is based on that used in peer-reviewed scientific publications; each article is written and reviewed by experts in the field to guarantee thoroughness and reliability of the information. We introduced a further step of revision by non-experts to ensure that the article is also clear and simple to understand for the public at large.
Our contents are currently in Italian because at this time we address the Italian public, but we will expand to English engagement one day…

Scientific collaborations

As Sir Isaac Newton said when addressing his achievements, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”, explaining the need for collaborative efforts. Research, although competitive, relies on sharing and collaborations.
AIRIcerca is a platform for the exchange and development of new ideas and concepts within the Italian scientific community. Everybody can pose questions, offer help and share expertise in an informal and friendly environment.
AIRIcerca can also be used as a “virtual mentor” by students and young scientists who face the difficult decision of pursuing an academic career.


Science often requires a variable degree of travel. Many Italian researchers leave the country either for a short term experience or permanently. We know how practically and emotionally challenging this experience can be, yet how rewarding and instructive.
We believe in the power of connecting people with similar career and intellectual interests who work and live throughout the world.
For people that are about to change location the AIRIcerca website can be used as a “search engine” to find out more on their future destination, and connect with people that work and live abroad.
For those who are already abroad, and for foreigners who come to work in Italy, AIRIcerca promotes social networking events to help people connect and settle down in a new place.

Classified jobs

AIRIcerca receives and posts job opportunities in institutes in Italy and all over the world for postdoctoral training, graduate studies, internships and related positions.
Everybody can search or post a job opportunity in their lab or institute and help someone else find their way. Some of the postings are in English.