Anna NapolitanoLanguage and substantive editing

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Ashley DorningLanguage and substantive editing

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Carlo Rindi NuzzoloLanguage

Italian and English

Davide SerpicoLanguage and substantive editing

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Giulia PetrovichLanguage and substantive editing

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Hartmut PohlLanguage and substantive editing

English and German

Silvia LicciulliLanguage and substantive editing

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StgilesmedicalLanguage and substantive editing

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Susanna GrazziniLanguage

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Valentina PetroliniLanguage and substantive editing

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Our Editors profiles below:

Anna Napolitano

I believe that only through rigorous yet compelling communication strategies we can all achieve a better understanding of scientific issues. I have started my career as a research scientist by achieving a PhD in immunology at San Raffaele University in Milan. I then moved to London where I worked as a Postdoc in infection immunology at The Francis Crick Institute. My academic background gives me an in-depth knowledge in the fields of immune-oncology and inflammatory diseases. Since the beginning of my career, I have always had a deep interest in the communication of science. Therefore, I have decided to move into science communication and I am now a full-time science writer, science editor and science communicator.

  • Editing services: Language and substantive editing.
  • Accepted documents: Papers, grant applications written in English or Italian.
  • File formats: Any file format.
  • Keywords: Immunology, immuno-oncology, infectious diseases.
  • She speaks: Italian and English.
  • Website:
  • ORCID iD: org/0000-0001-8946-8002


Ashley Dorning

Full-time freelance medical writer experienced in editing for medical educator content, grant writing, scientific publications, and lay communications. Ashley gained an undergraduate degree in Pharmacology from the University of Dundee, and her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Aberdeen. She subsequently worked in postdoctoral positions in Budapest and the University of Edinburgh working in areas of neuroscience, cancer research, immune response, and endometriosis.

During her scientific career she wrote and was awarded a grant and contributed to scientific publications, while also writing science and non-science articles for university magazines. She has delivered many presentations using PowerPoint and produced and presented scientific poster presentations, winning 1st place for the 3Rs symposium which involved communicating improvements in animal research to a lay audience. She has since moved into freelance medical writing working for various companies to proofread and edit projects.

  • Editing services: Language and substantive editing.
  • Accepted documents: Any scientific or MedEd text written in English.
  • File formats: Word documents (.doc, .docx).
  • Keywords: Neuroscience, reproductive biology, molecular biology, genetics, cell signalling, cancer cell biology, developmental biology, immune biology.
  • She speaks: English (native speaker).
  • LinkedIn:


Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo

Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo is an Egyptologist and Lead Curator in the British Museum’s “Circulating Artifact” project (Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan), with the aim to create a database and cross-platform to make the Art market more transparent and fight the looting of Egyptian antiquities. He studied Egyptian Archaeology at the University of Pisa with a dissertation on funerary artefacts in the Collections of the Museo Egizio in Florence. Carlo submitted his PhD thesis at Monash University in Melbourne conducting extensive research on “The Cartonnage from Kellis (Ismant al-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis): a study in Regionalism and Craftsmanship”; he is part of the Dakhleh Oasis Project since 2014. The thesis also included the use of 3D technologies, Photogrammetry, and an investigation of the antiquities market for cultural heritage protection. He presented the outputs of his research at International Conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals and volumes.


Davide Serpico

I am a philosopher of biology, medicine, and cognitive science. I got a PhD in Philosophy in 2018 from the Northwestern Italian Philosophy Consortium. Between 2017 and 2020, I conducted research and teaching activities at the University of Genoa (IT), the University of Exeter (UK), the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (JP), the Università di Leeds (UK), and the Università di Cambridge (UK).

My education and academic experience allowed me to develop a range of skills relating to academic writing, copyediting, translation, editorial work, and conceptual analysis. Notably, due to my philosophical background, I pay close attention to communication. Thus, when I revise a text, I try to find ways to further clarify a given concept or paragraph. I aim to make any text intelligible to a wider audience, rather than to just a few experts.

  • Editing services: Language and substantive editing.
  • Accepted documents: Any type of text in English or Italian.
  • File formats: .doc, .docx, .odt.
  • Keywords: Humanities, philosophy, biology, genetics, psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry, social sciences, artificial intelligence.
  • He speaks: Italian and English.
  • ORCID iD:


Giulia Petrovich

Molecular biologist with extensive experience in scientific publishing and communication. After graduating from the University of Milan, Giulia worked at the UCL in London and completed her PhD at the University of Edinburgh, where she investigated new mechanisms of cellular differentiation and transformation.

She then joined an academic publisher and dove into the world of peer review, publication ethics, style guides, and science communication. After moving to Berlin in 2018, she decided to combine her passions for research and writing, and started working as a freelance editor, helping researchers and companies with their writing endeavours.

  • Editing services: Language and substantive editing.
  • Accepted documents: Any type of scientific text written in English or Italian.
  • File formats: Any file format (.doc, .docx, .odt, and .tex for LaTeX documents) except .pdf.
  • Keywords: Molecular biology, transcriptional regulation, gene expression, cellular differentiation, cancer cell biology, embryonic development, cloning.
  • She speaks: Italian and English.
  • Website:


Hartmut Pohl

Cellular Neurobiologist with a passion for myelinating glia and broad experience in laboratory work and scientific writing.

Hartmut Pohl holds a PhD from the ETH of Zurich for his work on a novel demyelinating mouse model and has since conducted research in the field of demyelinating CNS diseases in leading labs in Cambridge, UK and Barcelona, Spain.

Besides having been responsible for his research, from experimental design and grant application to dissemination and publication, he has been the coordinator of a number of European-wide clinical projects led by the Multiple Sclerosis Centre of Catalonia.

Currently, he is working as an Application Scientist and Writer in the Life Science Industry, where he is responsible for product troubleshooting, dissemination of tech notes and scientific writing.

  • Editing services: Substantive editing (language editing negotiable).
  • Accepted documents: Any scientific text but only under certain conditions – e.g. topic fitting his expertise. He revises documents written in English or German.
  • File formats: Most common file formats, large bodies of text should be submitted before the layout process.
  • Keywords: Neuroscience, myelin, neurodegeneration, cell biology, laboratory processes.
  • He speaks: English and German.
  • ●      LinkedIn:
  • ●      ORCID iD:


Silvia Licciulli

I am a biotechnologist with many years of experience in cancer research. Always convinced that communicating science is as important as doing it, after 12 years in the laboratory, I dedicated myself full time to writing and scientific editing. I graduated in medical biotechnology at the University of Bologna, I got my doctorate in molecular oncology at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan and I worked as a postdoc researcher at The Wistar Institute of Philadelphia and the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, following my scientific concern that has always been the biology of tumors. During my doctorate, I earned a master’s degree in journalism and scientific communication at the University of Ferrara. I currently work as a scientific communicator at The Wistar Institute. I have been a member of AIRInforma since its foundation.

  • Editing services: Language and Substantive editing.
  • Accepted documents: Any type of scientific text written in English and Italian.
  • File formats: Word preferred.
  • Keywords: Cancer biology, cell biology, immunology, genomics, biotechnology.
  • She speaks: Italian and English.



My name is Steven. I lead a small group of experienced in-house writers, medics, scientists and designers at Stgilesmedical. We are based in London and Berlin. Our aim is to support patients, healthcare professionals, academia and industry. We deliver cost effective medical writing, research and education. Among our strengths are understanding your needs and working with you to build something that has impact and value.

  • Editing services: We would be pleased to help all types of editing, along with developing your abstracts, manuscripts, posters, presentations, conference materials, research protocols, scripts, web texts and dissertations.
  • Accepted documents: Reports, presentations, data tables, scripts, all scientific/medical text written in English or German.
  • File formats: Any file format.
  • Keywords: Medical writing, editing, science, meetings, research, design, healthcare, patients, academia, industry.
  • He speaks: English and German.
  • Website:


Susanna Grazzini

After obtaining my BA and MA in Modern Philology and Contemporary Literature at the University of Siena, I took part in the research and text transcription of the Wikigadda project ( and contributed to the publication of the original and unabridged version of C. E. Gadda’s text Eros e Priapo. In 2013, I gained an MSc in Italian Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where I taught the Italian language, co-organised conferences on C. E. Gadda and co-edited the proceedings.

While my main research line focuses on the linguistic analysis of 20th-century Italian writers and on reception studies (especially in the English-speaking world), I also pursue a strong interest in didactics of the Italian language and second language acquisition.

  • Editing services: Language editing in English and Italian.
  • Accepted documents: Theses, dissertations and articles written in English and Italian.
  • File formats: Any file format except .pdf.
  • Keywords: Philology, Italian literature, translation, reception, Italian.
  • She speaks: Italian and English.


Valentina Petrolini

I am a philosopher and my work focuses mostly on philosophy of mind, psychology and psychiatry. My research interests include the notion of vulnerability to mental disorders and the boundary between health and pathology. I am also interested in the role that emotions and culture play in psychopathology. I obtained my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Cincinnati in 2017, and before that, I studied at the University of Parma (Italy) and spent research periods at the University of Salzburg (Austria) and at Pitzer College.

I have extensive experience in academic writing, argument analysis, editing and proofreading. Through AIRIediting I offer language and substantive editing services for scientific texts in the humanities and social sciences. Thanks to my interdisciplinary background, I am also equipped to work on texts in clinical psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry.

  • Editing services: Language and substantive editing.
  • Accepted documents: I edit any type of text written in English or Italian.
  • File formats: Word (.doc, .docx) and PDF (.pdf).
  • Keywords: Humanities, social sciences, philosophy, clinical psychology, neuroscience, psychiatry.
  • She speaks: Italian and English.
  • Website: