How much do our services cost?

For all AIRIcerca members up to date on the annual subscription fee, language editing costs between 20 and 45 euros per hour, while the hourly rate for substantive editing varies between 50 and 75 euros.
For non-members, the rate for the language editing service is between 28.50 and 64 euros per hour, while the substantive editing service costs between 71.50 and 107 euros per hour.
The rate for each project is decided by the editor, and it will depend on her/his experience, quality of the original document, type and length of the project, and the client’s deadline. To get a free estimate, please contact the editor of your choice and send her/him details on your project.
To find out more about our rates, please read our guidelines and terms and conditions.

How to ask for an estimate

If you have a document to edit, first read our guidelines and terms of use; then choose one of our editors, checking which service(s) she or he offers; and finally, fill in the contact form to provide the editor with all relevant details on your project. The editor will soon get back to you.
If you are an AIRIcerca member, please remember to log in before contacting the editor to get the membership discounts.